Lilu builds in to your home so your home becomes a connected device and your single interface. Beyond voice-activated speakers and programmable thermostats, Lilu is everywhere. This new assistant will inhabit every room in your house with her artificial intelligence. In a home, well-being is essential and it is multi-faceted: it resides in both the indoor temperature, brightness, acoustics, air quality ... Lilu supports all these aspects. Connected, evolutive and independent, the Lilu house is at the service of its inhabitants to bring them maximum comfort in the easiest possible way.

Therefor it requires professional installers. Become an official reseller and installer now.


Thanks to Lilu, no need for additional devices or adaptors on your switches. It is installed through the wiring and you can control your energy consumption at any time and with precision. THrough built-in rules or choices the user makes, Lilu will manage all your electrical devices and in your home.


While your connected water meter will inform you in case of issues with your plumbing, Lilu will interpret this information and take action in order to solve the problem faster: define the issue, contact your plumber and set the appointment in function of your calendar… Or any other initiative needed.


You manage your heating much beter and over time, don’t manage it anymore as Lilu has learned from your habits to optimise the use and consumption of heating in your home. A late night working in the study, no worry as Lilu knows and pilots the heating to offer you maximum comfort outside the scheduled heating hours.


As an additional items to the securitisation of your home, Lilu will make all possible technologies intervene to bring security the extra mile: Lilu is constantly watching over your home and has built-in rules that identifies security threats and acts upon them. In case of unwanted intrusion, all lights of the house might flash, issue a call to the police, or even activate locks.


Lilu integrates all accounts such as Gmail, Uber, Amazon, PayPal, Netflix,… Lilu will integrate them in its decision making. Propose you the fastest route to your next appointment on your GMAIL calendar, reserve your Uber ride and warn you where to pick-up your Amazon order. It selects your favourite music and downloads your next Netflix episode when your not home.


Lilu integrates all existing and future connected devices into its ecosystem. It learns how they operate and build rules amongst them. The user can also define its own rules so Lilu can control them, interact with them and command them when needed or wanted.


In a Lilu house, most devices are connected and share information. Almost all micro-tasks are delegated to the house itself. This is a new unique comfort and a serious step in alleviating the "mental load"; that everyone is talking about! In addition, Lilu secures your home, allows you to save on your monthly charges and improves your overall living comfort. It integrates all existing and future devices, switches, utility hardware and much more to create an intelligent ecosystem and allow them to learn from each other and benefit from their contribution to propose improvements and take initiatives.

With Lilu, your house takes care of you!


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  • Lilu Training
  • First installation assistance
  • Creating your account
  • 1st Customer Installation
  • Site supervision
  • Configuration of rooms
  • 3 months of assistance
  • Showroom at your disposal
  • Phone and email support

Lilu NEXT*

Next installations


  • 2 - 20 Customer Installations
  • Lilu setup
  • Setup Connected objects
  • Setup Connected Services
  • Creation of the customer account
  • Showroom at your disposal
  • Phone and email support
  • * You must be Lilu Start
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Pro Reseller


  • 21 to 100 customer installations
  • Lilu setup
  • Creation of the customer account
  • Showroom at your disposal
  • Phone and email support
  • * You must be Lilu Next
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Lilu uses KNX technology to integrate all components of the ecosystem of a smart home. It uses wiring to integrate all the aspects of the service delivery into the home. A professional installation is needed as well as the initial set-up of the system. Generate more added value out of your installations. Wanting to know more and get the training? Leave us your contact details and we'll let you know the instant Lilu goes live.


Leave us your contact details and we'll let you know the instant Lilu goes live.